Surface Preparation

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Correct surface preparation is critical to the outcome in coatings performance, both in terms of day to day performance and longevity, at Waco we pride ourselves on delivering the best practice systems to ensure the scope of work will be prepared in strict accordance with the TDS and specification, this can be achieved with the following as examples:

  • Abrasive Blasting, from sensitive systems using plastic and bicarb soda as the media to the more aggressive systems including Garnet and carbon steel shot.
  • Wet Blasting or 'mist blasting' to minimise dust and waste release utilising Garnet and water vapour, these systems are perfect for areas around where other personnel / trades will be working
  • Water Blasting or 'Hydro blasting' utilising high pressure water from 4,000psi (27 MPa) up to 40,000psi (275 MPa) to remove surface contaminates minimising waste generated by the lack of introduced abrasive to complete the work
  • Induction Heating for the removal of coatings, minimising the waste generated from traditional abrasive blasting activities, as well as reducing the overall time in the removal process, the Induction heating systems can be utilised for coatings such as High build epoxies including coal tar along with urethane and polyurethane coatings, wrapping systems, Asbestos, Lead paints and many more. The induction heating process can be used on live systems with no issues of note.

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